Nordic Ways

Nordic Ways has been active in China for 18 years and continues to expand.

It is a Swedish / Chinese company that has taken some of the biggest Swedish classic sports to China. It is one of the largest and most successful organizers of sporting events, including skiing (Vasaloppet etc), football (Gothia Cup etc), marathons and orienteering.

The Chinese government has decided on an activity program that will enable 300 million Chinese to learn to practice various sports with the help of foreign expertise.

The following events take place every year:

Vasaloppet Chanchun China

Shangri-La International Challange

Changchun Jingyetan Forest Marathon

Gengis Khan MTB Adventure & Grassland Extreme Marathon

Vätternrundan China

Colorful Yunnan International Granfordo Cycling Festival

Tour the Ski China

Chinese Gothia Cup Football

The Prorector team was represented during the Vasaloppet in Changchun, China, a fantastically arranged sporting event.

The picture shows the goal area, surrounded by snow-sculpted buildings and works of art. For more info,