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Brief background

In June 2017, the e-commerce platform Scandinavian House in China was registered. In 2018, Scandinavian House were launched for representation of selected Nordic products “Nordic Selection” in collaboration with local well-established partners for the China and Hong Kong markets.

In 2019, Scandinavian House expanded with Nordic products for export to the European market, including via Amazon UK.

Since the company’s founding in 2014, Prorector AB has developed, established and launched a unique e-commerce platform, Scandinavian House, for online and offline distribution, primarily for China and Hong Kong, directly and in partnership with selected Chinese and Scandinavian partners. NEXT GENERATION TRADING HOUSE IN CHINA!

With progressive web-based technology and innovative market models, Scandinavian House has developed and markets products in the sports, health, food, children’s articles and design products segments to related product-conscious customer groups in both the Asian and European markets.

All selected Scandinavian products receive the SELECTED BY SCANDINAVIAN HOUSE quality stamp.

Prorectors target areas

Market value in China

Special Food & Beverages

Spring water 294 billion SEK
Coffee 95 billion SEK
Oat based drinks 351 billion SEK


Health 363 billion SEK

Kids stationary

Kids stationary 835 billion SEK
Prorector’s selected FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Products), trading products located within Prorector’s target areas, has a sales value of more than SEK 2,000 billion.

Future product groups governed by demand, availability and commercial conditions are continuously monitored through Prorector’s local presentation. Sport is also an important target group in Prorector’s areas of interest. The new paddle sport is on the rise in China, as is the rapidly growing interest in football.

Prorector has the knowledge, permits and licenses in place, all backed up via a strong own team and via partners.

Prorector (Shanghai) Business Consulting Co., Ltd, has its own approved CFDA * warehouse in Shanghai for all products sold / distributed.

* CFDA (China – Food – Distribution – Approval).

The goal is to develop trade relations in both directions Asia – Europe and thereby build a trading house between countries and lasting customer groups with health and well-being in focus.

Belt & Roads, the new silk road

Belt & Roads is an economic development project where China is building extensive trade routes across Eurasia in the form of high-speed trains and motorways and also plans for new sea routes across the Arctic Ocean and the Indian Ocean with major infrastructure investments in the countries along the road to Europe.

The trend shows an upward curve. China is the world’s largest market for e-commerce and currently an estimated 750 million people shop via mobile and internet.

By 2020, 70% of the Chinese population is expected to shop online, equivalent to 891 million people. A total of SEK 48 trillion was sold in 2019. Preliminary figures for 2020 are estimated at SEK 59 trillion (SEK 59 thousand billion).

Marketing model

B2C (Business to Consumer)

The basis of Prorectors marketing consists of a self-developed e-commerce model, Scandinavian House. The intention is to create an established trust among selected target groups who are exposed to the brand in the right forum as the buyers (both B2B and B2C) are inspired by Scandinavian House Nordic Selection products and thus become repeat customers.

B2B (Business to Business)
Negotiations are underway with networks and organizations including health food, food and department store chains, gym chains and hotels, restaurants and catering in the HORECA segment as well as sports and sports-related Chinese organizations.

Targeted marketing
Targeted marketing is prepared for the large ethnic groups who, by tradition in China, have a very high level of trust in imported health and children’s products. Demand for quality and safety-classified products has increased very sharply in recent years. Here, marketing also takes place via various local partners, social media and forums. For this purpose, agreements have been established with a number of partners as well as web portals such as JD, Tmall, Pinduouo, Alibaba and Little Red Book and more. Product launch and sales with trained sourcing agents as well as via social media and selected influencers. Continuous outreach activities via own sales team.