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Citronelles Agenturer AB

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Citronelles Agenturer AB markets and highlights patterns and products from Swedish designers that have a personal touch and are unique in their kind. With extensive experience in sales and marketing, Katarina Edling started Citronelles Agenturer in 2010.

The first collaboration, which has been going on since the start, was with the designer Emilie Ek who, among other things, made herself known for her unique pattern designs of houses and buildings.

In Love Design, by designer Caroline Silfverling, began her collaboration with Citronelles in the autumn of 2014 by launching the FIKA series, which consists of trays, mugs and textiles. With a focus on color and shape, I Love Design creates inspiring and creative products.

Tina Backman is also a designer that Citronelles has in her portfolio. Tina Backman has launched the souvenir series Sweden Symbols with classic design patterns that represent Sweden such as midsummer poles, clogs and Dala horses.

Since 2014, Citronelles has established itself as a player and supplier to a large number of interior design stores, lifestyle stores as well as to kitchen stores in the Swedish market. Through its strong focus on Swedish prides such as FIKA and Dala horses, Swedish symbols, they have developed concepts and products that have been well received both in stores and by consumers.

Since 2018, Citronelles has become a major player in Swedish souvenirs and has a collaboration with Åhlens and Cervera in Sweden.

“We love design as much as we love Sweden is my motto.”
Katarina Edling

Grundare, Citronelles Agenturer AB

Carina Hägg

Distribution agreement with China

Carina Hägg is educated at Beckman School of Design in Stockholm, Sweden and has worked both in the fashion industry and as an artist.

After leaving the fashion industry, Carina Hägg changed direction and began to create her own unique, colorful patterns and sell them to IKEA, H&M and KappAhl, among others. The bold and colorful patterns that, for example, the Rose is the most famous, are today printed on design products such as towels, bedding, napkins, tray tables, umbrellas and kitchen towels.

“I express a lot with colors and materials and am attracted to the idea of ​​working out different patterns that can be applied to different surfaces, such as a piece of furniture. My shop at home on the farm in Österlen is well visited with various exhibitions and a studio for creation. Since 1996, I have participated in various fairs both nationally and internationally. I see China as an exciting market that looks very curious about Scandinavian design.”
Carina Hägg

Designer och konstnär