More and more Chinese choose imported

ORINK – oat based drink Barista

Prorectors own international brand.

Vegetable-based products (oats / soy) produced in Sweden. Rapidly growing demand in China and Europe.
Market value in China, SEK 351 billion 2020.
Sales begun Q1 and Q2 2021.

The product is produced for Prorector AB in Sweden, based on Swedish vegetable oat raw material. The first product to be launched now is the ORINK Barista. 
Upcoming products are ORINK Oat Drink, ORINK Oat Cream, ORINK Ice Cream and ORINK Creme fraiche.

There is a rapidly increasing demand in both China and Europe for vegetable products.
The market value in China was SEK 351 billion by 2020.

Sales started during Q2, both in China and Sweden (in the first instance within the EU countries).

We are proud of our Aqua Nobel spring water. This is our product and our DNA, and it sets us apart from other waters, not least in terms of taste. Spreading Aqua Nobel to China via Scandinavian House gives us an opportunity to be able to offer our spring water to a much larger market.
Robin Wingårdh