Health awareness and sports investments under strong development in China

Padelbolaget Sweden AB

Padeltennis – Perhaps one of the greatest upcoming sports! 

It is not known the origin of paddle tennis, but it is known that similar games occurred on English cruise ships in the 1920s. It was not until 1974 that the game was designed according to the principles and rules that apply today, administered by the International Paddle Tennis Federation (founded 1991). The world championship in paddle tennis was first held in 1992 and has since been played every two years.

The game is related to other previously established forms of “mini tennis” such as platform tennis, but has its own rules for the game, scoring, equipment and the design of the game board. Padel tennis has been very widespread, especially in Spain and Latin America, with thousands of courts and millions of practitioners in for example Argentina.

As a business partner with the padel company, Prorector receives exclusive rights to sales and distribution via its e-commerce platform and to be able to benefit from sales in sports chain stores and padel clubs. An agreement with Padeltennis’ sponsorship is also negotiated in the business agreement.

We see a very large potential to develop in China. Paddle tennis is perhaps one of the biggest upcoming sports in China today. Together with Padelbolaget, we will be responsible for their sales of padel-related goods and Prorector’s contact network in the sports segment fits very well here.
Tommy Sundqvist


We at Padelbolaget are happy to collaborate with Prorector / Scandinavian House and their e-commerce platform with direct sales via the padel centers we have under development in China.

Johan Hansson


Better you

Clean, natural and efficient!

Exclusive distribution agreement for China. High-quality sports and health products. Health awareness is developing strongly in China. Market value in China, SEK 363 billion 2020.

Sales began in Q4 2020.

Better You AB was first introduced in 2013, but the foundation was laid long before that. The team behind Better You is carefully composed with a strong common belief that nature’s own ability to package nutrients, without artificial additives, is the best.

Selling completely natural products is our hallmark. Now that we have secured the Swedish market, we look confidently at other markets. Through our collaboration via Scandinavian House, we see great potential to reach a wider market, including the Chinese market
Johan Cidvall

CEO, Better You