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PRORECTOR – an exciting company in development

Prorector AB was registered in April 2014. In the autumn of 2015, the subsidiary Prorector Limited was established in Hong Kong and in the spring of 2016 Prorector (Shanghai) Business Consulting Co., Ltd in Shanghai, China.

Since 2014, Prorector AB has worked to develop a unique e-commerce platform, Scandinavian House, to, with progressive web-based technology and innovative business models, market Scandinavian products primarily in sports, health, food, children’s articles and design to strong and product-conscious customer groups on the Asian and also in the European market.

Since 2017, Prorector AB has continued the development with Scandinavian House, an unique e-commerce platform with all the necessary government permits and licenses on site for B2B and B2C trade within China. Prorector AB is thus helpful with other special licenses that may be required for individual products to be approved for sale in China.

Cooperation Partners

Via Scandinavian House in China we have exclusive cooperation agreements with several partners. 

Prorector (Shanghai) Business Consulting Co., Ltd

Prorector (Shanghai) Business Consulting Co., Ltd, was established in 2016. The head of the Shanghai office is Lindsay Ma, Marketing Director. Lindsay Ma holds a Master’s Degree and has more than 11 years of experience in European Chinese e-commerce development as well as knowledge of the Chinese comprehensive regulations.

David Fu, Trade Division Manager, is responsible for the company’s IT and e-commerce operations. David Fu holds a Master Degree from Glasgow University and has extensive experience in data and e-commerce and has worked with Amazon USA for 4 years.

Lilian Yu, Financial Accountant, is responsible for the Shanghai office’s finances.

Lindsay Ma, Marketing Director, together with David Fu, Trade Division Manager, and Lilian Yu, Accountant, also have significant roles in the hub of Prorector’s operations with the subsidiary Prorector Limited in Hong Kong.

The Shanghai office has been during Q2 2021 been extended with Chelsea Wang and Lu Jiayi and its team have the necessary expertise for the business and cooperate in matters where special expertise is needed with local consultants and authorities. The Shanghai office works closely with established e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, JD and Tencent.

Prorector (Shanghai) Business Consulting Co., Ltd, has its own approved CFDA * warehouse in Shanghai for all products sold / distributed.

* CFDA stands for (China – Food – Distribution – Approval).

Lindsay Ma

Lindsay Ma

Marketing director

Email: lm@prorector.cn
David Fu

David Fu

Trade division manager

Email: df@prorector.cn

Prorector Limited, Hong Kong

Prorector Limited in Hong Kong was registered in 2015 and is a subsidiary of Prorector AB (headquartered in Stockholm).

Prorector Limited, Hong Kong has a close cooperation with Prorector AB and the other subsidiary Prorector (Shanghai) Business Consulting Co., Ltd in Shanghai.

Financial Management and Auditing for Prorector Limited, Hong Kong is managed by K.Y. Chan & Co.