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ORINK Oat Products – Plant-based Revolution in Your Everyday Life

Swedish oat drinks, 100% herbal, 100% Swedish raw materials, made in Sweden.

As the world moves towards a greener future, we at ORINK are proud to be a part of this change with our 100% vegan oat products. By combining traditional Swedish growing knowledge with innovative manufacturing, we present a line of oat drinks that are not only tasty but also kind to our planet.

ORINK is available both in the grocery trade and at wholesalers that reach out to hotels, restaurants and cafes

We give back

All leftovers from manufacturing are reused.
90% goes back to our fields, and 10% is mixed out and becomes animal feed.
All water used in production is purified and reused, which means that
water consumption will be as low as possible.

We protect the environment and appreciate everything that our lands provide.

Swedish Quality in Every Drop

Every package with ORINK is a promise of quality and durability. Our ingredients are 100% Swedish – grown on our lush fields and carefully refined into delicious drinks. With production entirely in Sweden, we ensure that every step in the process lives up to the high standards that our nature and customers deserve.

All products are produced from genuine Swedish oats and rapeseed oil, with advanced technology in a Swedish factory. Shelf life for the oat drink is 12 months at room temperature, for opened packaging 6 days in the refrigerator. Food & Bake and ice cream are refrigerated goods and frozen goods, respectively.

Our ORINK products

ORINK Oatsbased Barista eng

ORINK Swedish Oat drink Barista

Vegan Barista, gluten and lactose free, for coffee, tea and breakfast. ORINK Barista is specially designed to highlight the rich flavors of coffee and create the perfect foam crown on your latte or cappuccino. Available for Scandinavia and EU.

ORINK Svensk Havredryck Choklad

ORINK Swedish Oat drink Chocolate

Vegan, healthy oat drink that is perfectly balanced to satisfy the sweet tooth, this drink is a hit with children and adults alike. Can be drunk plain, hot or cold. Works well to use for desserts. Available for Scandinavia.

ORINK Mat & Bak

ORINK Swedish Oat drink Food & Bake

Vegan oat drink specially developed for vegan cooking and baking. Gluten and lactose free. Available 2024 for Scandinavia.

ORINK Protein +

ORINK Protein +

Vegan healthy oat drink with an extra protein content. Gluten and lactose free. Available in 2024 for Scandinavia, EU and China.


ORINK oat-based Barista & Drink

Vegan, gluten and lactose-free oat drink for coffee or tea can be drunk naturally for breakfast for example can be used for cooking and baking. Available in China.

ORINK Oat-based Chocolate

ORINK oat-based Chocolate

Vegan, healthy oat drink that is perfectly balanced to satisfy the sweet tooth, this drink is a hit with children and adults alike. Half liter package and can be drunk plain, hot or cold. Works well to use for baking and in desserts. Available in China and EU.


ORINK Oatbased Icecream

Vegan ice cream, which is based on oats, is available in four flavors. Available 2024 for Sweden.

New Family Members on the Way

We’re not stopping here. ORINK’s range is growing and more healthy, plant-based drinks will soon join our family. Stay tuned for future surprises!

Accessibility For All

ORINK wants everyone to experience the pure taste of plant-based drinks. Therefore, our products are available both in grocery stores and wholesalers. We are also proud suppliers to hotels, restaurants and cafes, where our drinks can be enjoyed by a wide audience.

Sustainability – Our Core Value

Giving back to nature is a matter of the heart for us. Every aspect of our production is designed to minimize waste and maximize reuse.

  • Reuse of by-products: 90% of our residual products go back to the fields as natural fertilizer, while the remaining 10% becomes nutritious animal feed.
  • Water recycling: We purify and reuse all water from our manufacturing process, which drastically reduces our water consumption.
  • Circular thinking: We make sure that everything we take from the earth has a chance to return to its cycle.

Discover More

For more information about our products, our sustainability initiatives, or to simply dive deeper into ORINK’s world,

ORINK – The taste of Sweden, with care for our future.

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