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Discover the world of possibilities with Prorector AB, where Nordic traditions and innovations find their place in global contexts. We are dedicated to bring out the best of Scandinavian products, with a focus on quality well-proven Scandinavian products, mainly in food, to both the Swedish, Chinese and European markets.

Our passion lies in sharing the purity and sustainability that our home regions stand for.

Our mission

At the heart of our business is the desire to introduce well-proven Scandinavian products that enrich life. With a careful selection of partners and products, Prorector AB ensures that each product is of the highest quality. From Sweden to China, we build bridges not only between markets but also between people, cultures and traditions.

"We will work to achieve a leading status position in sports, health and food, represented by our sports ambassadors and sales team and thus create lasting customer groups with health and well-being in focus. In China, we have created comprehensive e-commerce platforms and continue to build on a selected dealer network both within Sweden and China. Since 2021, we have also launched our own brand ORINK, Swedish oat products. During the past year, we have continued to work according to our business plan to develop our sales operations"
Tommy Sundqvist,

ORINK Swedish Oatbased Products

ORINK is Prorector AB’s own all-Swedish brand, whose manufacturing takes place in Sweden with sales and distribution both for the Swedish, European and Chinese markets.

We are proud to represent and market Swedish oat products, a healthy and plant-based alternative that has been grown in our own Nordic fields. Our oat products represent Sweden’s clean nature and sustainability philosophy. They are not only nutritious but also produced with responsibility towards nature and future generations.

Scandinavian House

Is Prorector AB’s registered trademark for online and offline distribution for China, directly, with selected partnerships and via e-commerce.

Are you a Nordic company that wants to explore and establish your presence on the Swedish or Chinese market? Prorector AB is your ideal partner. With in-depth knowledge of both local preferences and international trade dynamics, we stand ready to guide your product on the journey to new successes.

For Consumers and the Environment

Each step in the supply chain, “from farm to table”, is carefully monitored to ensure that we deliver not only richness of taste but also care for our environment. We strongly believe that the good that is good for you is also good for our planet. Therefore, Prorector AB’s Swedish oat products, ORINK, are an excellent choice for the health-conscious consumer and for those who value sustainable production.

Contact Us

Do you have questions or want to know more about how we can assist you in reaching out with your products? We are open tto new possibilities and cooperations. Please contact us for more details.

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