Christmas greetings with positive signals

The clocks are soon ticking for a new year, a new year with new challenges and opportunities.

We have achieved control over the pandemic and inflation and interest rates are moving in the right direction. We have continued our determined work to find accessible routes into the large market segments in both China and Sweden. During the last 6th moths we have in China begun a rapid expansion into the large, populous provinces outside Shanghai.
We are now represented in 14 of the 22 provinces.
Recently, an agreement was concluded with JD e-commerce, No. 1 member store, under strong development with 100s of millions of followers.

235 tons have been produced for the Chinese market and 190 tons for the Swedish market, 425 tons in total of ORINK Barista and ORINK Chocolate.

For 2024, we have made a cautious forecast with a tripling compared to 2023 with reservation for additional larger central agreements that are under negotiation.
With only 2.5 years since the launch of our own brand ORINK, despite all unforeseen setbacks, we have managed to gain a foothold and are starting to gain attention in a tough market segment through small, purposeful, cost-effective steps.

We look forward with confidence to 2024 to be able to create good profitability for Prorector.
With wishes for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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